November 20 2019
11/20/2019 3 SALAH SALEM ST. CAIRO

For the highest performance

For the highest performance: The powerful 15-minute meeting

The three questions meeting that takes your team performance to the next level.

“My team is busy the whole day but they aren’t productive?” complained my friend Max, CEO of a digital marketing company. I offered him a solution that really worked for him. Now, I’m here to tell you.

The truth Is that startups teams are always busy running after multitasking to reduce the operational cost and make profits. Or worse, they immerse themselves in the daily routine of handling customers and files. They are too busy to look straight into the company vision or develop their skills. It is high time to flip the page and come up with a solution. It will save you dollars, time, effort, and a productive team. Remember, your team is the most valuable asset for your company.

Here is a solution inspired by Scrum Framework, the “Three Questions meeting”. It is a daily 15-minute stand-up meeting. All of your team members have to stand up together to share answers for three questions:

i) What have you done since the last meeting?

ii) What are you working on until the next meeting?

iii) What is getting in your way from doing your job?

The answers to these questions give you heads up about the team performance and any potential problems so you have better chance to deal with them before they happen.

  • It motivates your team to always keep an eye on the company strategy and to put their plans accordingly.
  • It ignites a positive competitive spirit between the team members by peer pressure. Under that pressure, nobody wants to be slower than the others. As a result, the collective team effort will push the company growth exponentially to the fastest as it can be.
  • Simultaneously, it deepens the relationship between the team members. By understanding the work distribution and knowing who works on what, team members know where to ask for help and how to help the others on their way to achieving the team objectives.

Although this approach shoots up your team’s productivity, it puts your team under huge pressure of work and time. It is the best to show them your appreciation by rewarding them for the goals they accomplished for you. A reward can be as simple as a small celebration or a dinner invitation.

Here’s a tip for an extra mile takes you to the Everest peak of your team performance: Motivate each team member to have a personal goal for every day such as studying an online course, learning a new language, or even losing weight. Let them keep track of their progress by sharing it with the others to get the whole team support. Once your employees feel that you care about their personal goals, their productivity and loyalty to your business will be doubled.

Now, you only need to think when your first stand-up meeting will be.