November 20 2019
11/20/2019 3 SALAH SALEM ST. CAIRO

Customer-centric strategy

Market reports stated that customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than other companies. Ironically, many businesses choose to focus on world-class products, not real customers need. This wrong focus leads to less profit and low customer satisfaction than ever. For startups, customer centricity becomes a must for competing and penetrating the market. But what does it mean to be a customer-centric business?

What is customer centricity?

Customer centricity is the approach of providing a positive customer experience in a way that makes profits for the company. It’s all about finding the magical common area between your business goals and your customer needs “The shared value”.

According to Larry Weber in his book “The Digital marketer”, there are six factors that affect the customer experience and the way they perceive our business.

The product experience

without solving a real customer problem, your product will not make it to even one customer. So, understanding customers and their problems enables you to make the right solution. It is not about how many features your product has but about how many features your customers need. You need a product that can hook the customer to repeat their business with you. Also, consider differentiating your product from the others. what will be your edge; is it the price, the quality or the service?

The marketing experience

Customer experience marketing is different from the traditional marketing strategies. The way you reach your customer needs to be more relevant and personalized. Each customer needs to feel unique and your message is tailored to him/her. When the customers feel important and appreciated, they will be open to trying your product.

in 2014, Coca-Cola made “share a Coke” campaign. They printed many names on its coke cans and people went crazy searching for their names in coke fridges. Furthermore, they made a website where you can order a coke with any name you like on it. So, if you are celebrating at your school, wouldn’t it be cool to get coke a bottle with the school name on it?

The search experience

The search experience is all about how the customers find you when they have the problem you solve. Logically, if you have a stationary store, the best place to put a billboard ad is in front of the school. But when it comes to the online search the process becomes more complicated. You want to be the first option appears to the customers when they search online.