About Us

Sherketak is a start-up accelerator designed to support and empower the next generation of Egyptian entrepreneurs and contribute to the development of the start-up ecosystem in Egypt. Our program offers funding, mentorship, training, and a wide variety of perks and benefits, with the aim of arming entrepreneurs with the necessary tools, resources, and contacts to develop their strategies and expand their businesses so that they may thrive in today’s competitive economy.

Sherketak offers two 4-month acceleration cycles annually. During each cycle, we work extensively with each team to help them develop their businesses while improving their knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship; all in preparation for respective business pitches to investors. Each cycle culminates in a Demo Day, where founders present to a large audience of potential investors. Our support does not end on Demo Day, though, as we continue to support our entrepreneurs throughout their journey

Sherketak implements a new model of startup funding. Our program offers funding from EGP 100,000-500,000 for teams to turn their business ideas into a reality with 4-8% equity stake in return. We support up to 30 companies per cycle in our accelerator program, as we offer a wide range of business, legal, technical and entrepreneurial support.

What are we looking for?

We will invest in teams that can build fast growth businesses that are able to compete internationally. Our program is constantly on the lookout for teams of 2-4 individuals who are passionate entrepreneurs, and are dedicated to building their businesses with a unique value proposition for a potentially large addressable market. We are looking for teams with complementary skill sets who are driven, hardworking and willing to learn new market strategies. Selected teams must be able to relocate to Cairo during the 4-month acceleration period.

We have two parallel tracks that all have the same perks and benefits:


This acceleration track is open to startups operating in any and all business sectors. General training and mentorship on various aspects of entrepreneurship and networking events are offered.

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Specifically designed for startups operating in the financial technologies sector. Specialized training sessions and networking events that focus on disruptive financial technologies and finance in general are offered.

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